Black Track
Off-Road Challenge

Black Track
Off-Road Challenge

Black Track
Off-Road Challenge

Black Track is made for those who expect more from Off-road events. 

If you want to put your focus on driving on challenging offroad tracks and hanging out with other crew members around a big fireplace in a mountain hotel, this is the right event for you.

Black Track is not a posh or glamourous event for tourists in new SUVs. It is a real challenge where you should give your best on the track. Off the track, we will cover other aspects for you so you can enjoy. In other words, Black Track stands for „5 stars“ Off-roading.

As a home of Black Track, we chose one of the best places that Serbia can offer – Kopaonik. As the largest mountain range in Serbia, Kopaonik is one of the biggest ski resorts in southeast Europe. Despite the urbanization that characterizes many ski resorts, Kopaonik was declared a national park almost 40 years ago and has managed to keep the wild side and untouched beauty. It is easily accessible even for towing cars, about 100 km away from E-75 highway.

Black Track Off-Road Challenge will take place from 5 to 9 October (5 racing days), and accommodation is from 4 to 10 October (6 nights).

The maximum number of crews on Black Track is 70 (140 competitors). Additional staff members, it is also possible to bring along friends, and family until the limits of the hotel are reached. According to the category, participants can compete as an individual crew or as a part of a team.

 Black Track Off-road Challenge is made for street-legal 4×4 vehicles with possible off-road modifications but within the standard vehicle dimensions. The vehicle does not have to be registered for the current year but the owner must have a certificate of ownership. Prototypes, ATV, Side-by-Sides, motorcycles and trucks are not allowed. Maximal tire size is 35“. Vehicles on the track must have: at least a front winch, Mud Terrain tires, straps for towing and tree protection, snatch block, etc. Protection gear (helmets, gloves, fire-extinguisher, etc.) is mandatory. A roll cage is optional, but it is strongly recommended.

Depending on their will, participants can compete in two categories – as an individual or as part of a team. Teams can consist of two to five vehicles. Members of teams can help each other on the track. The whole team needs to finish the track. During the Challenge, if some of the teams drop out, members can continue as individual competitors. 

The first thing that you should know is that the track is not a “Walk in the park” and that you should have adequate off-road experience. On the scale of Trophy Class, it is leveled as medium to hard. Participants will get tasks in a form of Roadbook. The average length of the track is around 60 km per day. The start and finish of almost every day’s tracks are in front of the hotel. Tracks go around Kopaonik as well as across the surrounding hills and mountains, therefore a change of altitude is frequent. The track runs through pine, oak and beech forests, swampy terrain, rocky mountainsides as well as bare mountain peaks without vegetation. Be prepared for hard rocky parts, deep mud and multiple winching sequences during the day. Please be aware that the focus of Black Track is on navigation and driving skills. You should think twice before you press gas because at the end of the day speed without accuracy doesn’t mean anything. 

Time is measured by the Total time system. The winner is an individual or a team with the shortest time to finish tracks on all days. Participants with best times from the last day start the next day first. GPS devices are used for time measurement and track accuracy. Time is measured for every participant separately. Team time is the average time of the participants. 

Valuable awards are planned for both categories, individuals as well as teams. As a special award, 3 individual crews, regardless of whether they competed as individuals or part of a team, will get a special invitation for the next Black Track with application free of charge. 

Black Track Off-road Challenge is organized by the AllOverLand team from Serbia with the support of the Abenteuer Manufaktur from Austria. Members of both teams will be there to support you on any basis, starting from safety, support on tracks if needed and ending with entertainment and video production. External partners such as Mountain Rescue Services, Medic Team, Police, etc. will be also there to help you in case of an emergency. 

For a 6-days-late-autumn-event in a mountain higher than 2.000 m camping is not a good option. So, our Base Camp is hotel which, according to appearance and feeling looks more like a big mountain house than a fancy hotel. But, cozy rooms, two restaurants, a big lounge, café, big terrace and fireplaces inside and outside will bring you the mountain spirit at its best and enable resting and socializing after a whole day ride. The hotel is displaced from the center of the ski resort and fully booked for the event which allows privacy and freedom for off-roaders. Participants can come earlier or stay longer at the hotel, but it depends on room availability and will be charged additionally. Participants themselves should arrange the extension of the arrangement with the hotel.

At Black Track we don’t have catering and lunch packages. The day starts and ends with full breakfast and dinner in the hotel served in form of a buffet. You will find different Serbian and international meals, with or without meat and fish. We believe that drivers deserve decent meals and rest in terrain. So, full lunch including BBQ and salads is served every day on the track, but you have to reach it. All meals are included in the price. Drinks will be charged additionally but at reasonable prices.

Off-road vehicles that participate in the event will be parked in front of the hotel. Towing vehicles and trailers will be parked 1,5 kilometers away on a secured parking (included in the price).

The price for Black Track Off-road Challenge 2020 is 970 EUR per participant. It includes event organization, Roadbook, assistance in case of emergency, hotel accommodation for 6 nights, breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch in the terrain, secured parking for racing and towing cars, promo material, photo and video coverage and animation in the hotel. Drinks are not included in the price.

The application starts on 1 December 2019. using the system „Who came first“. To apply for the event, you should fill out the application form that you can find below. After filling out the form, you have 3 weeks to make the down payment of 60% of the price (582 EUR). Immediately after receiving the down payment, your application will be valid. In case of not attending the event, the down payment is not reclaimable. Participants can apply for the Black Track until 31 May 2020 or until a maximum number of participants is reached (70 crews).

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